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DD-Technologies | Dutch Diamond Technologies. Diamonds for Engineers. Partner in diamond technology innovations. Cuijk, The Netherlands.
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Ton Janssen

Ton Janssen

General Management | Sales & Marketing

Mob.: +31-6-30843004
Skype: Ton.Janssen.DD
E-mail: ton.janssen@dd-technologies.com
Chris Janssen

Chris Janssen

Parts & More BV | Sales | Planning

Mob.: +31-6-26312393
Skype: Chris.Janssen.DD
E-mail: chris.janssen@dd-technologies.com
Elisee Janssen

Elisee Janssen

Director | Finance | P&O

Mob.: +31-6-12941575
Skype: Elisee.Janssen.DD
E-mail: elisee.janssen@dd-technologies.com
Marjolein de Jager-Janssen

Marjolein de Jager-Janssen

Sales & Marketing | Administration

Mob.: +31-6-41378951
E-mail: marjolein.dejager@dd-technologies.com
Loek van den Boom

Loek van den Boom

Development engineer

Skype: loek.vandenboom.dd
E-mail: loek.vandenboom@dd-technologies.com
Jan Barten

Jan Barten

Laser Engineer | QA

Mob. +31-6-51243951
Skype: Jan.Barten.DD
E-mail: jan.barten@dd-technologies.com
Harry Heijnemans

Harry Heijnemans

Production engineer | Teamleader

Skype: Harry.Heijnemans.DD
E-mail: harry.heijnemans@dd-technologies.com

DD Asia

Sales representative: Wilson Tan

Blk 3026 #04-184
Ubi Road 1
Singapore 408719
Tel: 8482 9498

E-mail: wilson.tan@dd-technologies.com

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Dutch Diamond Technologies BV
Kovel 2, 5431 ST Cuijk, The Netherlands
Phone: 0031-485-321060
Fax: 0031-485-311642
PO Box 39
5430 AA, Cuijk, The Netherlands

DD-Technologies, Cuijk

Dutch Diamond Technologies

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