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Recreating nature’s miracle

The mining process of natural diamond has a big impact on the environment. In order to find the natural diamond, large excavations are needed. This means that a big part of the landscape gets destroyed. Therefore, we are using lab-grown diamond as the primary resource for our products which reduces our carbon footprint. Since our diamonds are produced in a laboratory under highly controlled circumstances, there are no excavations needed so there’s hardly any impact on the environment. In addition to this environmental damage, the world will eventually run out of natural diamonds to mine. Our diamonds are a sustainable resource and guarantee a conflict-free and socially responsible material.

Besides the environmental benefits of our lab-grown diamonds over nature diamonds, these diamonds are also benefitting our customers. The diamonds are grown to the necessary dimensions based on the end product. This means that there is very little waste of diamond. In addition, this makes it faster for us to process the diamond into the end product. Both of these advantages lower the costs of the products, resulting in a decrease of the selling price so this precious material will be affordable for a wide range of customers.

Recreating nature’s miracle | Diamond Technology

Another benefit of the lab-grown diamond is the guaranteed quality. When digging for nature diamonds it is uncertain which quality you will find. With lab-grown diamond the required quality can be carefully chosen. In addition to the guaranteed quality, our diamonds provide a consistent quality. This means that the diamond products can be used for a long period of time, making it very sustainable and reliable.

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