In order to provide our customers the best solution possible, we offer various types of diamond each with its own properties. Our diamond experts will select the best material to meet your specifications. We work very closely with well-known diamond suppliers as a reliable and innovative partner. Besides good purchasing conditions we have access to the latest developments in the field of new lab grown diamond types. In cooperation with our customers, we can introduce products with the latest material before it is commercially available to the market.

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  • The broadest electromagnetic transmission spectrum of any material
  • A wide electronic band gap (it carries very low current even under high voltages)
  • The ability to combine/dope with boron and take on a similar electrical conductivity to metal
  • The highest known thermal conductivity
  • The highest known resistance to thermal shock
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Low dielectric constant and loss
  • High electrical carrier mobility
  • A very low coefficient of friction
  • Chemical and biochemical inertness
  • Excellent electrical insulator properties

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