The shapes we are currently able to produce are: brilliant, sphere, (spherical) anvil, prism, square, circle, cone and internal radius.

Shapes | Diamond Technology

Recently, we have had a new development in our company enabling us to produce monocrystalline products with unique dimensions. Instead of the usual maximum size of 8 millimetres we are now able to deliver discs of up to 30 millimetres. This opens a lot of new opportunities for our customers.

Shapes | Diamond Technology
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  • The broadest electromagnetic transmission spectrum of any material
  • A wide electronic band gap (it carries very low current even under high voltages)
  • The ability to combine/dope with boron and take on a similar electrical conductivity to metal
  • The highest known thermal conductivity
  • The highest known resistance to thermal shock
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Low dielectric constant and loss
  • High electrical carrier mobility
  • A very low coefficient of friction
  • Chemical and biochemical inertness
  • Excellent electrical insulator properties

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