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We are proud to announce we are involved in a prestigious Clean Sky 2 project, a sub-set of Horizon 2020 which is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme. Together with Rolls-Royce and the University of Oxford we are working on innovative diamond bearings. With this innovation, bearings would have lower friction, better temperature characteristics and a longer life due to the increased hardness capability. All of this has its effect on reducing CO2, NOx and noise, which is beneficial for both human and nature.

On the photo from right to left: Loek van den Boom ( DD ) / Prof. Kam Chana ( University of Oxford ) / Dr. Peter Smout ( Rolls Royce ) / Ton Janssen ( DD )

Dutch Diamond Technologies BV will be present at MRS 2017. This show will take place in November 2017 | Boston, Massachusetts | USA.

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