Our manufacturing methods are in such a way specialized we were forced to design and build our own equipment.
This includes production machinery with each its own process, parameters and the needed tooling. This way we are able to fulfill the requirements for each product.

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Using a series of custom made polishing benches, we’re able to finish our diamonds to the needs and tolerances for each product or your specific needs in extremely precise angles and tolerances.


With a specialized soldering system it’s possible to solder or braze different types of diamond onto various types of material tailored for the application.


Our lapping machines which we’ve developed and built ourselves, make it possible to manufacture diamond spheres with different diameters within highly accurate tolerances.

(Wire) Polishing

Polishing ensures a very smooth surface roughness, which is needed for outer shapes of products such as cutting edges, spherical surfaces and inner shapes for diamond bearing parts to minimize friction.


All our tools and mechanical parts are designed and manufactured on modern (CNC) milling machines and lathes in-house and in our subsidiary company SDI in Switzerland.


In separate dust-free rooms we assemble our products using custom made mounting setups. This way we’re able to obtain consistent results.sed.


In our chemical laboratory we clean every product before it’s mounted. The result is a strong adhesion in case of soldering, brazing or gluing.


Using high-end Quality Control devices such as measuring and camera microscopes, positioning systems and roundness / roughness measuring machines we’re able to guarantee the quality we promised.

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