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As we’ve all noticed, the world has changed dramatically in 2020. What no one thought possible 6 months ago has suddenly become reality. Changes do not necessarily mean deterioration, but it does require a new perspective. You will have to think about how to deal with the new situation and find your chances again. That process requires an open and a creative mind. The diamond world has traditionally been a closed and conservative world. The supply of traditional diamond products has hardly changed in recent decades. For example, in the technical market diamonds are still mainly used for cutting tools despite various other applications. In the GEM market there is the tendency that millennials are hardly interested in diamond jewelry. The 2020 situation also seems to be causing an accelerated response here, with themes such as origin and sustainability playing an increasingly important role in making choices. If you add that to the rise of labgrown diamonds, you know that a moment has come when the diamond world has to reinvent itself. A new reality is emerging…

From my own experience I have learned what it means to transform an ornamental diamond cutting company into a company that makes diamond products for the tech industry. In the nineties of the last century, we made the transition from Mined diamonds to Labgrown diamond in the same company. These were all steps that made the diamond product available for new applications and took the company to a new phase, and often to a higher level.

We have continued the experiences gained at DD Technologies. We are now a modern leading and innovative diamond company with a clear vision and mission. We would like to share our experiences and introduce you to new developments. That is why we founded The Diamond Academy. This will be a platform where certain topics are discussed and we let passionate people speak who are happy to inform you about their work.

I would like to invite you to follow The Diamond Academy on our social media from 1 September.

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