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Innovate together
Innovate together
Highly qualified and professional personnel are important for any business. However, for the DD-Team this is a way of living and the very foundation of our existence. Our product engineers will join your development team in order to provide the best possible solution. Discover more
Dutch Diamond Technologies has over 50 years of experience in high tech applications with diamond. With the combination of the categories above and our different mounting techniques, we are able to deliver our customers the best customized solution possible. Discover more

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10 Years of Dutch Diamond Technologies in High Tech Industries

In 10 years after its establishment, DD has developed into a unique company where diamond is processed in products with applications in the High Tech industry. Apart from the many universities that we work with, our customer portfolio mainly consists of big names each in their specific field. We thank our relations for the trust they have given us and the fact that we have become this company, thanks to them.

It is now time for the next phase, a higher level. As our base we use monocrystalline diamond wafers with dimensions that were unthinkable before. DD would not be DD if we did not want to do something unique with the availability of this material. This product has been realized through the many techniques we have at our disposal and is a celebration of our 10th anniversary. It took us a whole year to successfully complete a product which is unique in its kind.  We call it Project D.

If you want to see a diamond creation which has never been shown before, stay tuned with our frequently updates via our website or social media.

Final step 10

World’s first wearable lab-grown ‘all diamond’ ring


Dutch Diamond Technologies BV will be present at MRS 2017.

Innovation and development

Dutch Diamond Technologies BV is able to produce monocrystalline discs with unique dimensions!

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