Customer focused innovation with diamond

The Dutch Diamond Group, located in the town of Cuijk, located in the southeast of the Netherlands. This small city has been the cradle of diamond processing since 1953.

As Dutch Diamond Group we have many years of experience and is a unique company in the field of diamond technology. We offer more than 70 years of experience in high tech applications with diamond. We are able to shape diamonds like you have never seen before.

Dutch Diamond Group is a typical Dutch family business. Together with our children and a group of enthusiastic and brilliant employees, we work on our passion every day.

Understanding our customers’ needs and delivering quality products is our highest priority. Due to short lines, communication in and to our company is as easy as never before. You’ll speak, chat or mail directly with the relevant specialist, so that the focus on your specific question is guaranteed. Welcome to our site and we would like to invite you to speak with our team members about your specific question.

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