We shape a new future with diamond

Diamonds, the other way around

We use both lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds. There is no difference between both materials. However, lab-grown diamond is a sustainable alternative to mined diamond. Besides that, every mined diamond has its own properties. Therefore, the performance can differ and is less predictable. We care about the environment and using lab-grown diamonds means preventing environmental dammage. By using lab-grown diamonds, resources are saved, eco-electricity is used during production, growth time is limited and the production process is completely reproducible. Furthermore, all properties can be tailored and we are independent of the discovery of new occurences of diamond with all additional effects. This means we can produce our diamonds depending on customer needs. The other way around.

Exclusive partners

Due to an exclusive partnership, we are able to offer extreme big lab-grown diamonds. Therefore, we control the entire value chain. Because of this, our production capacity is increased and we are able to continue to develop our diamond materials.

What we offer

We offer our clients technical skills and the superior level of our staff at all times. Proven: the abilities and the innovative ideas of our engineers mixed with the properties of our diamonds have elevated our customers to a superior position in their markets.

 We don't offer what we have, we offer what you really need

Who are our customers

Our customers, we prefer to call them partners, are mainly well-known OEMs in their industries. Reputable after-sales companies are also among our regular customers. Because we work closely together and are in close contact, we know how to coordinate their needs and our production. 

In general, we work with long-term agreements in which minimum stock levels are one of the basic requirements in order to be able to deliver optimally and on time.

Your contact persons

Chris Janssen

Chris Janssen

Production manager & sales +31 485 321060
Loek van den Boom

Loek van den Boom

Development engineer +31 485 321060
Marjolein Janssen

Marjolein Janssen

Administration & Marketing +31 485 321060

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