CMM Styli
Cuijk / Aaleen - 2010

CMM Styli


No material build-up

No material adheres to diamond spheres, not even with extremely soft aluminum alloys. Diamond!Scan spheres retain their high-precision form at all times, thereby preventing additional measuring uncertainties

No wear

Diamond!Scan styli do not wear on account of their hardness when extremely hard materials such as ceramic are measured. You can rely on your measurement, because the diamond sphere retains its high-precision form and contributes to a precise measurement of the flatness of this hard workpiece surface.


Laborious checking, cleaning and re-calibration can be largely dispensed when using Diamond!Scan spheres. This saves time and cuts costs. Moreover, diamond spheres have a considerably longer service life than conventional ruby styli and can save money in the long run.

For the hardest measurement tasks

Diamond!Scan is a stylus with a sphere made of solid diamond