The forgotten diamond


"I have had this stone in my drawer for many years, it is a family heirloom, but I don't know what it could be." With this question a client recently came to me. I have some knowledge in the world of diamond and also have many relationships in the this world. 

What a beautiful stone I was shown. One look was enough, this was a real diamond and clearly very valuable. 
Of course I am not an expert in rough natural diamonds. So I made an appointment with our expert diamond cutter who can evaluate the maximum volume and quality that can be extracted from this 12.33 Ct diamond. Such an evaluation requires some patience, but our patience was rewarded. 

Beforehand, I think it is good to frame the elements that determine the quality of a diamond. The well-known 4 C's are the criteria. 

  • The Cut is the shape of the cut. It determines how light is reflected in the diamond. The cut best known to the public is the brilliant, round cut and consisting of 57 facets.  
  • The Color determines the appearance of the stone. The less color the stone has, the higher the color grade. It starts at D, the highest degree of colorlessness, and ends with Z where the diamond looks light yellow to brown. 
  • The Clarity or clarity indicates how pure the stone is. Every natural diamond has imperfections; the fewer inclusions, the brighter and more precious the diamond is. 
  • The Carat or carat is the weight of the diamond. 

From our beautiful rough diamond of 12.3 Ct came a brilliant Cut of 3.05 Ct, Flawless Clarity (with no internal or external imperfections), and a Color G, as good as colorless.  
On top of this we obtained 2 more brilliants of 0.60 Ct, also with a Color G, VVS1 and VVS2, almost perfect with minute inclusions 'Very Very Small', almost impossible to detect even with a 10x magnifier. 


A beautiful adventure, about a work of nature's art, trust, craftsmanship and professionalism. One to cherish in my now memory-filled career.

As icing on the cake, we achieved a Triple X (Excellent) for our brilliant cut diamonds, a trade term for round brilliant cut diamonds that are rated as excellent cut, excellent symmetry and excellent polish.