Micro Cutters with extreme lifetime

DD Group developed a range of high quality cylindrical milling tools for cutting intraocular implants and micro structures.


  • Tool life 10,000 – 15,000 IOL Lenses
  • Dramatic reduction of machine downtime (at least 150 times less) in replacing conventional cutters
  • Highest accuracy
  • Superior surface finish, less polishing required
  • Perfectly balanced

Cutting parameters

Milling at normal temperature:

  • The feed (mm/min) should not exceed the spindle speed (RPM) divided by 1000 (example: RPM 40,000 then feed maximum 40mm/min)

Milling in frozen material:

  • The feed (mm/min) should not exceed the spindle speed (RPM) divided by 300 (example: RPM 40,000 then speed maximum 130mm/min).


Our IOL diamond milling tools can be used on PMMA and foldable materials, fixed with wax, vacuum or ice. Only use on machines with air bearings and with a spindle which is perfectly balanced.

Not recommended for drilling. Theoretically it is possible, but because of possible problems with chip-congestion the tool can break. So therefore always ramp down in material at an angle.


  • From Ø0.35mm cutting diameter and larger
  • Working Length 2x cutting diameter
  • Shank dimension standard Ø3.0mm

Overview standard IOL tools


At Dutch Diamond Group I am the product specialist for micro cutting tools. Feel free to contact me by phone or E-mail.

Chris Janssen

Chris Janssen

Production manager & sales +31 485 321060