Who else than The Dutch know how to deal with water!?

Black Cobra Diamond orifices for waterjet cutting

Up to 2500 hours manless cutting for a fair price

After 5 years of development and intensive testing in close collaboration with leading experts in the waterjet cutting industry, we are proud to present you a superior orifice. Different to the well-known diamond orifices, the black diamond version is virtually unbreakable and cracks and chipouts belong to the past. With a proven lifespan of up to 2500 hours – with respect to our orifice guideline – this product guarantees long and trouble-free unmanned waterjet cutting. The Black Cobra is available in most common types of holders, waiting for its prey…

We offer 2 types of black diamond orifices

Black Diamond Orifice for abrasive waterjet cutting

For this application we have developed the Black Cobra.

  • This superior quality of diamond allows you to reach a tool lifetime up-to 2500 hours.

Black Diamond Orifice for water only

  • Excellent jet quality, outstanding tool lifetime up to 2500 hours

We offer 2 types of regular diamond orifices

Mono Crystalline Orifice

  • Orifice suitable for food grade applications,
  • Premium jet quality, tool lifetime up to 1200 hours.

Mono Crystalline Micro Orifice

  • Orifice Suitable for a variety of applications at a max pressure of 1500 Bar,
  • Boreholes available from 0,04 to 0,08 mm,
  • We supply our orifices mounted in various types of holders

  • All our mounted orifices are 100% tested for jet quality and alignment

       Overview standard mounted orifices

Orifice users guide.

In order to service the orifice correctly and protect your investment, we made a guide on how to change the orifice.

Download our Orifice Users Guide


At Dutch Diamond Group I am the product specialist for orifices. Feel free to contact me by phone or E-mail.


Chris Janssen

Chris Janssen

Production manager & sales +31 485 321060