The impossible has been done!

Rolling diamonds!

Dutch Diamond Group is the first company in the world to have developed the unique processing technology to make a perfectly round diamond ball. Diamond offers an extraordinary combination of optical, thermal, chemical and mechanical properties that make it a material that has a high potential in many mechanical and advanced optical applications. Besides our processing technique, we are also able to mount the spheres onto a shaft or holder made of different materials.

Converting our spheres into lenses or hemi-spheres is possible as well.


  • Exceptional wear-resistance
  • Very low coefficient of friction due to nanometer-scale roughness
  • Chemically inert
  • High load resistant
  • Non-magnetic
  • One of the best heat conductors available
  • Electrically insulating
  • Operating temperature up to 600 °C
  • No built-up of material due to scanning
  • G10 Roundness (max deviation from perfect roundness is 250 nm)

Size doesn’t matter

The size range of full monocrystalline diamond spheres is 0,3 – 3,0 mm at the moment. Upon request, every size in between is possible with an accuracy of 5 microns.

Standard on stock:

  • 0,3 mm
  • 0,6 mm
  • 0,8 mm
  • 1,0 mm
  • 2,0 mm
  • 3,0 mm


At Dutch Diamond Group I am the product specialist for sphere's. Feel free to contact me by phone or E-mail.

Loek van den Boom

Loek van den Boom

Development engineer +31 485 321060