Oops, we did it again


We’ve been juggling a lot of balls at DD Technologies over the past years, but this has now reached a new dimension. Literally.

Thousands of diamond spheres have been sold in the past 10 years, which are mainly used in measurement applications. In addition to this measurement industry, the diamond spheres are used in many other products as well. Think of precision bearings, pumps and valves, hydraulics, aerospace, electronic applications and many more. For example, the famous Swiss watch industry has asked for a solution with the lowest possible friction and highest durability for their very small ball bearings. This has forced us to step outside our borders and so we developed our techniques to overcome this challenge.

We’re happy to announce we’ve been able to manufacture and polish both 0,8 and 0,6 mm monocrystalline diamond balls which have a roundness deviation less than 0,000250 mm and a diameter tolerance of 0,005 mm. Now we’ve got the taste, even smaller spheres are in the pipeline. Our next stop? Follow us on social media to stay updated.