Largest diamond windows available

Our business unit optical components is specialized in developing high-precision diamond products for the high-tech industry, based on your requirements. Our diamonds for optical elements are used in a wide variety of applications, for example ATR elements, detectors and windows for the process industry.

Our optical products can be delivered as free standing or mounted using glue or low/high temperature brazing into different kinds of metal holders depending on your application.

We manufacture these elements to the highest standards with tight tolerances and often they are tailor made, with a variety of production techniques. Working with us means that you will have indirect access to our knowledge, sharing ideas on future requirements and creating new opportunities to create a better competitive position.

Our range of optical products

Mounted prisms

We annually produce thousands of mounted optical components for well-known OEMs. We have the instruments of our customers in house to do a 100% final check.


At Dutch Diamond Group I am the product specialist for optical components. Feel free to contact me by phone or E-mail.

Loek van den Boom

Loek van den Boom

Development engineer +31 485 321060