Manufacturers of the world’s first wearable Lab-Grown ‘All DIAMOND RING

A wafer with a weight of 155 carats and more than 1300 hours of pure craftsmanship were needed to make the world’s first full-diamond ring. The beautiful result is a solid diamond ring with 133 facets and has a weight of 3.86 carats. The ring is graded by HRD Antwerp.


Due to the success of the first all diamond ring and the continuing interest in this unique piece of jewelry, DD has taken the first steps in the world of luxury goods. With an own booth, DD was present at Honk Kong jewelery & Gem Fair 2019 with our brand PietrAverde to show our concept.

We met a traditional and predominantly conservative world that, partly due to the arrival of Lab grown diamonds, is at the beginning of an inevitable metamorphosis.

Several exhibitors offered the well-known cuts made from Lab grown Diamond. This trend is clearly visible and only leads to price erosion and mistrust of end customers. With PietrAverde we stay far from existing cuts and designs. We do unique projects that reflect our concept. A new generation of diamond jewellery custom made and one of a kind.

Engineers of emotions

We use the combination of exclusive large diamonds and diamond-related materials. With our unique processing technologies, we are able to create diamond shapes that have never been possible before. With this combination we intend to develop products that find their way to the makers of Luxury goods such as the watch industry, jewelry industry, exclusive cars and yachts and more.

I invite you to visit our site regularly to stay tuned about our latest concepts. you may also be interested in taking a look at PietrAverde